Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Soal Bahasa Inggris | Analytic Exposisition Task 2 Beserta jawabannya

Task 2 Global Warming

Soal :
1. In your opinio, is global warming an imminent world threat? If yes, why? If not,why not?
2. What action is the indonesian goverment taking to address the issue of global warming? Discuss
3. What actions are you taking to address the issue of global warming? Explain
4. What are the effect of climate change on the nature and society? Describe
5. Do you think humans are responsible for causing the world climate change? Give suitable examples to support your opinion
6. What do you do in your daily life that would increase global warming?
7. Do you think educating masses on the issue of global warming will help reduce it? Discuss
8. How did global warming reach such an extent without us noticing it sooner? Discuss

1. yes, of course it is. if the global warming become worse and worse by time, we (human kind) can actually vanished from the planet.

2. the indonesian government has taken a few social programs to slow the global warming such as; the closing of the factories that harm the nature and broke the law, not using cars or motorcycles too much, etc.

3. not using the air conditioner too often, walk or cycle to school instead of using private car or motorcycle, grow trees.

4. the nature will be ruined, if the climate keeps changing, the animals in a certain place will die eventually because of the sudden change, and they are not prepared for it. and the society will be ruined as well if the nature is slowly destroyed.

5. yes. if the humans have never stayed in the earth, this planet now will look far and much much better. trees everywhere, no pollution, and so many lives will be in the planet more than now are.

6. overuse of air conditioner and fuel.

7. yes it is. when the mass understand, they'll do.

8. because the nature would have kept it still by the point it couldn't anymore. and when it happens, the nature simply can do anything by then.


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